Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Ass Kickin'

Today's workout was fantastic and yet it kicked. my. ass.

After the insane 100-rep day, Amy and I could barely move. We needed an extra few seconds to get up, a few extra minutes to get anywhere and a few extra hours of sleep we were never able to find in the short amount of time we spent together. So we just moved slowly for the remainder of Monday, all day Tuesday and all day today, Wednesday.

I started out doing 80-lb. single leg presses on a seated leg press machine.

(That's not me in the picture, in case you were wondering).

Next up was oblique exercise using one of the machines. I'm not skilled enough to explain how the movement goes or to search google for an image. But I did it.

I really do not like to do tricep dips. However, it is one of those exercises which shows me how far I've come in my physical abilities. When I first started working with Britt, I could barely do these. Now I can do a set without wanting to die. It still hurts like hell, but...

On this last set I did bench ab leg raises which I could feel throughout my entire midsection. It was a hard exercise to do, but it felt really good.

I did this set four times. Then did sprints on the elliptical. 1-minute easy, 1-minute sprint(ish) three times. I was able to get my HR up to 171. My favorite part was I was able to hang with Amy for just over six minutes. I laugh now thinking about me trying to not die of exhaustion and Amy asking questions like "What time is it?" "How much longer do you have?" I literally couldn't even answer her questions. Every ounce of energy and oxygen I had was saved for the next interval. Amy- if you're reading this, I hope you're laughing as much as I am right now!

After that set was done, we continued on with the last bit which included four seeminly quick exercises:

First up, the hamstring curl

Followed by a single arm chest press with a 20 LB. FRICKIN' WEIGHT. That was really hard, but also very satisfying to see that I could do lift that!

And then I finished it off with a back exercise

The workouts are getting really intense. I'm lifting more weight and I'm feeling more soreness the days after. And I'm finding that my body is needing additional recovery time. But that could also be due to the fact that I'm still eating like shit. I've given myself a deadline- August 1st- to get my act pulled together and to focus on the nutritional aspect of my weight-loss efforts.

All this working out IS great and it IS helpful, but if I don't get my eating under control, it's never going to be as effective as I want (or need) it to be. So that's the next step.

In the meantime, I'm embracing the soreness!


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