Monday, July 27, 2009

100 Reps

Yeah, that is not a type in my title. Today Brittany surprised me and my guest, Amy, with a workout which consisted of 100 REPS of each exercise.

We started with 100 squats where we had to get low enough to touch our ass lightly on the weight bench and come right back up.

After that we did 100 overhead presses with different size weights. I started with 12 lb. weights and managed to do 50 reps. I did 30 more with 10 lb. weights and then finished off the last 20 reps with 8 lb'ers. I only hope I can move my arms tomorrow.

After that we did 100 crunches with our legs in a variety of angles- bent on the ground, 90* angle, straight up in the air. It was a nice break for our arms and legs, but it definitely hurt.

Next up was 100 reps of rowing using a weight machine while our legs were in a standing squat position. This one wasn't that bad. Probably because the weight maybe could have been a little heavier, but then I'm not sure I would have been able to do 100 reps.

We did plank guessed it...100 seconds. After 20 seconds I came down and then had to take another couple of mini breaks before the 100 f'n second was us. It was hard to breath because my body was screaming.

Although I do the, begrudgingly, I really do not enjoy lunges. At all. So when Britt said that we had to do 100 standing split lunges, I wanted to cry. But instead I said, "I will do 100 standing split lunges on each leg, but this really might take me 20 minutes." Britt didn't believe me, but after I did about 15 on each leg in about 5 minutes, she eased up a bit and said I just had to do 50 on each leg, for a total of 100. This made me happy, even though I normally do not like for her to give me a break or go easy on me.

Next we did 10 sets of the stairs (not that bad, maybe 20 steps, if that many, in all).

After the stairs we did Russian twists with a 10 lb. weight. Those hurt and I really struggled to make my way through them. Usually I do them on a weight bench and this time I was on the ground. It was, surprisingly, more difficult on the ground. I'm sure it had nothing to do with where I was doing them, but rather, because I had already done one million reps beforehand.

When we were done with the stairs we continued to do a bunch of ab/mat exercises:
* superman

* cat dog (holding for 30 seconds on each side)

*rolling hamstring (doing this exercise literally made me squeal like a little girl, surprising both brittany & amy)

*side bridge

Tomorrow, I'm really just hoping I'll be able to move! This was a super hard workout, but it was also amazing to see that my body could endure. I'm getting stronger, there's no doubt about that, and it feels great!


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