Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day of Nothing

Everyone left early this morning and I was up to say goodbye. Since then I've been outside for maybe an hour to grab dinner. Otherwise, I've been in bed resting, relaxing, getting caught up on the blog and doing nothing. It's been a dream of a day!

Tomorrow I head off to Milan to visit Amy until Monday. We're planning on taking a day trip to Venice on Saturday and then Lake Como on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to seeing Amy and going to Italy for the first time.

After that it's back here to Ireland where I'm going to explore more of the west coast, which is where my heart really is.

I'm absolutely exhausted and am looking forward to another day of doing mostly nothing before I leave for Italy!

I miss everyone but am having so much fun reliving the memories from the past week. I can't believe we pulled it off!


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