Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update on the Running Sitch

I'm still not running. I was supposed to go to the podiatrist on Friday and that never happened so I'm stuck with an appointment now for Monday, August 18th. After my first appointment a few weeks ago and up until Thursday, my foot was seemingly fine. I wasn't feeling any pain or discomfort. I was staying off it per the podiatrist's instructions and relying on biking as my main form of cardio. I was feeling good that I would get the a-okay to get back into running- slowly. Then, almost out of nowhere, my left foot started giving me trouble again. The dull pain has returned and it's making me wonder what exactly IS going on with that crazy foot of mine.

It's been almost a month since my last run. I'm feeling anxious to start up again, certainly curious about what I'll be able to do. I think that's a good way to sum up how I'm feeling about my running, and also the marathon in general- I feel anxious and uncertain.

I hate feeling that way and I hate putting that out there in the universe, but I am almost two months away from the marathon and I'm currently running zero miles. When I do start back up with the running, I'll likely be starting off at very low mileage so I don't injure myself. What kind of training can I feasibly do to prepare myself for the marathon?

I certainly wish I was in better shape and that I didn't have this latest setback. I'll know more on Monday, but in the meantime, it's more biking, more boot camp, more stretching and more wearing the boot.


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