Friday, August 22, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 23

I feel like Steve & I haven’t had too much time together and so when I thought about how I wanted to spend my time, I called Steve up and asked him to forgo his workout plans and come back home to hang out with me.  It doesn’t always work when I ask him that, so I was very happy when he agreed. We rarely watch TV together. Although I’d love love love to have some regular shows that we watch together (I associate this with part of being a normal couple, Steve totally disagrees), it’s just not Steve’s style So earlier this week when he said he’d check out Mad Men with me, I was ecstatic. Our plan for the night was to have a nice dinner together and watch episode 3 of season 1. It was a great way to wrap-up my week. Tomorrow we head out to La Jolla and I’m really exited.


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