Thursday, August 21, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 22

I had the best plan today to take care of myself- end the day with a nice and relaxing massage. Susannah and I booked appointments and planned on having a nice sushi dinner afterwards. Now…I don’t get massages often because it’s generally not a pleasant experience for me. The main reason is because I find the pressure a little too much and instead of speaking up and saying something about my massage-inflicted pain, I literally just lay there and tense up (which I’m certain the masseuse can surely feel). This doesn’t make for a very relaxing experience. But- I had high hopes for this massage and was really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately the massage was a total bust. I left feeling as if there were bruises over 90% of my body. The masseuse might have even yelled at me saying “You need to let me work with your body. I need you to try and relax.” Perfect opportunity for me to step in and say that I’d love to relax if she would just loosen her grip. But no, I sat through the planned 60-minute massage mostly in pain. By the time she stopped, I glanced at the clock and realized she’d stopped about 10 minutes earlier- for which I’m still grateful!

At least there was still sushi to look forward to.

Susannah and I got in the car and went to Noma for dinner. On the way there I started feeling nauseous. Whatever oil the used on Susannah during her massage completely made me ill. I dropped her and Steve off at the restaurant and went home.

Although the completely relaxing and restful evening was anything but, the intention was still there and in some way it as still nice.


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