Sunday, August 10, 2008

30 Day Challenge- Day 11

Guess what I did today? Went for a bike ride and then up to the Fast's for more swimming and relaxing.

I figured out that one of the reasons I enjoy biking (over running) is because I can bring my camera and take pictures of the cool things that I get to see.

Here are a bunch of pictures from today's bike ride that took us through Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey and back. It was a gorgeous ride!

Katie, Susannah and I had a really nice ride (except for the whole almost fight thing that I won't go into detail about). It was one of those mornings where you feel grateful that your body can move and that you live in such a beautiful part of the country.

On the way back Katie and I stopped at the bike shop. I've been meaning to take care of a few things on my bike and thought this would be the perfect time. Over an hour later, and much much longer than I had planned, I had a new bike light (thanks to the ahole who stole mine), a holster (as I like to call it) for my bike lock, the seat could actually be moved without using a tool and the plastic thingy that was spinning aimlessly around my wheel with no purpose was removed. All was well in the land of my bike again and it felt nice to get that taken care of.

The rest of the afternoon was spent up at the Fasts pool/ocean side doing some work and mostly relaxing until it was time to head back down the hill for Susannah's ice cream social.

Another great thing I did was squeeze in a much needed and enjoyed mani/pedi/waxing appointment. Although it meant not being at the ice cream social right when it started, I so needed to do that for me and it felt great!


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