Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh Gilad

My friend Leah told me about Gilad at the beginning of the year. And since then, I've had four different workouts by Gilad stuck on my Tivo. They've been recorded and sitting there, staring at me everytime I turn on the TV and look through my recorded programs.

Up until tonight, I've never done anything with them.

I decided to do the workout "Buttocks, Chest, Triceps & Abs." The pros are that it was only a 30-minute recording, including commercial breaks, and there seemed to be a nice variety of exercises. And Leah told me about it. The cons were...just one, it was really hard! The ab exercises, I couldn't hold the movements for the full time. Although as hard as it was, I was equally excited about feeling my muscles being used and tested.

So I think Molly & Gilad will be spending more time together and they're both hoping that with time it gets easier.

Thanks Leah!

So that was my 30 minutes of cross training for the day. Not quite 30 minutes, but it felt great.


Anonymous,  July 16, 2008 at 4:49 PM  

Seriously, it gets easier the more you do it. I swear. I used to think I would never ever be able to hold any of the abs for even 2 seconds let alone 3 sets of 8, and now I can do the whole thing. Plus, man, I've got PIPES. You saw them.

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