Tuesday, July 8, 2008

42 min run/walk workout

Tonight Susannah and I did a 42-minute run/walk workout through lovely Santa Monica. We have to do this same workout routine four more times in July, so I anticipate that we'll be doing this course regularly. It's a nice balance of a steady incline and a steady decline and goes through some of the prettier parts of Santa Monica. But we're going to have a chance to do a lot of exploring over the next few months as we'll be covering a lot of territory.

The workout was definitely better than the one I did last Tuesday. Which is funny considering I ran a minute longer each time and did something like 8 min. more of activity. I'll take it. Obviously having Susannah do the workout with me certainly helped.

Tomorrow's workout is 30 minutes of cross training and Susannah and I are seriously considering joining the Y to do some swimming. While I may not like me being in a swimsuit, I really do love swimming.

We'll see!


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