Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bouncing Back...and it Feels Good

Susannah and I woke up this morning and went for our usual 2-mile run. She parks at Marguerita and Ocean. I swing by and grab her and we drive to the top of Marguerita at 26th street. We park and then run all the way down Marguerita until we get to Ocean Blvd. It's great for lots of reasons, but mainly because there's a slight decline for a lot of it and the last half mile you're running right towards the ocean.

So as I wrote about in a couple of posts ago, running since I got back from the east coast was really rough. But I was determined to get back on track and keep up with the training. We set out for our two-mile run and I literally felt like I would fall over. My body was stiff but I wasn't discouraged.

We finished the run, without stopping once, and when I looked down at my watch I knew that while it wasn't the best time I ever had doing that 2-mile route, it certainly wasn't the slowest time either and I was okay with that. I am okay with that. I'm trying. I'm putting myself out there. I'm not giving up and most importantly I'm getting in the mileage. So rock on, I'm getting back in the game and it feels great.

I was know, I'm the type of person who has to have things done exactly perfectly just as I imagined them in my sometimes complicated brain. If I want to keep track of my food, it has to be in this black moleskin mini notebook. It has to be with a blue pen. And if I haven't been keeping up with my food log and have to go back a while, I have to write it all down on a different piece of paper so that I can write down everything in the order I ate it.

How f'n annoying does that sound?

I mean, come on. How difficult do I need to make it? It's just one example of how I get in my own way, of how I make things insanely harder than is necessary. So in this new year, I've started a food log online, cause let's face it...I'm always online! And it's working.

So I'm running, I'm keeping track of what I'm eating and I'm making healthful decisions that feel good to and for me. And as a result, I'm handling the stress at work so much better.

I'm off to a great start and I'm proud of myself.


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