Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Subtle Changes

We all measure change and success in many different ways. For me, in this body and mind makeover journey, I've been trying hard not to make the changes just about a number on the scale or weight loss alone. It's been difficult for me to take my own advice. In fact, when I have focused only on a number (of what's on the scale or how many pounds I have- or have not- lost) it's set me back. It has caused me to get off track, to become disappointed and to diminish all of the hard work that I have been doing.

But there have been some changes over the course of the past few months that have helped me realize that some of this is sticking!

1. I no longer look at my week and figure out when I'm going to be able to fit in my weekly cheeseburger. In fact, about a week ago I went to The Counter and ordered a grilled chicken breast and didn't feel like I was depriving myself. I don't actually know when the last burger was that I had!
2. My birthday is coming up and I'm seriously struggling with deciding what to do to celebrate. I really look at my 29th year as an opportunity to focus big time and get myself into the best shape I've ever been in both mentally and physically. So I'm not thinking about doing the dive bar, pizza, get drunk and then eat some more to help ward off a hangover thing. Which is really new for me!
3. Also, when I think about my birthday, I think about things that I want and it's so different from a year ago or at any other point in my life. Things like more spin or yoga classes, another sports bra, running sneakers, socks, more workout pants, real running tops (not the cotton shirts I always wear)...all those kinds of things to help make me a better runner and a more focused individual. I usually just want money or some other frivolous things. But again, next year is about so much more and I feel like I want my birthday and my celebration to reflect that.
4. I actually haven't had a million and one things planned during my "free time." I am more careful with my time and have been spending lots of time relaxing and having Molly time.
5. I have really been loving working out. I do it because it makes me feel good, not just because it's good for me.
6. I'm taking more chances with food! I'm eating things I've never eaten before (trying all different kinds of sushi. I almost missed out on eating Santa Barbara shrimp because they didn't look good, a decision I base lots of food related choices on, but luckily I came to my senses in time.
7. During one of my previous posts, I actually contemplated whether I wanted to have a Blackberry or not. After taking two weeks to think about this really hard, and even talking it over with Steve, and using it, I have decided to keep it. I really can use this to my advantage...but the fact that I even thought about how it would impact my life (and Steve's) is a huge step forward for me!

So, there are lots of other changes, but these are some of the big ones that have helped me see just how far I have come.

And you know what, I'm proud of myself. I really am!


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