Saturday, October 6, 2007

Go Me!

So I started this post last Saturday, but I'm just now getting around to actually finishing it.

But the title refers to the fact that I had just come back from my second yoga and spin class of the week! In this post I talked about bringing my friend Mandy to work since she had an injury. It was great that she asked for my help because it forced me to go to spin class for the first time at YAS. As I mentioned, it was a goal I had in the month of September and that didn't exactly pan out as I had hoped. So having to bring the actual instructor to class was just the motivation I needed.

I'm happy to report that the spin class itself was fantastic! I felt so fortunate to have Mandy's guidance before and during the first class. It was helpful to have that extra support. I was instructed not to get up out of the seat during the first class unless my crotch hurt (gross, but true). So my goal for that first class was to just pedal the entire time. And I did it! It's an intense workout. I spent the entire time sweating and pedaling and just getting my heart rate up there. I loved the sprints, the pedaling as fast as I could, the constant motivation, direction and instruction. It was great! Then after I did spin class, I walked across the hall into the yoga studio (after changing clothes, of course) and attempted to make it through an hour-long yoga class. That was...really really hard. My legs were wobbly and my body was just really tired overall.

However, as expected, when class was over I felt amazing. So amazing that I signed up to do it all over again on Saturday.

This time though, I did the spin class first and then yoga. Seriously, it made a huge difference. The spin class was great and at times I felt like I was actually holding myself back. I sat up out of the chair much more. It's very cool to see how standing up out of the seat really does intensify the entire workout and how much it engages parts of your body that you don't normally work that much- abs and inner thighs. I really loved it. And, the yoga class beforehand was really good too.

I'm really proud of myself for doing such intense workouts and am really looking forward to continuing with the spin and yoga. I'm glad I've found two activities that really move me (spin) and ground me (yoga) and I can't wait to keep it up!

In the meantime, I'm just going with it.


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