Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holy Mary Mother of God

That's what I was thinking this morning when I was running. My feet didn't hurt! My shins didn't hurt. I didn't get the usual burning experience in my feet when I have a new pair of sneakers to break in. And while I was paying very close attention to the feeling in my shins, I swear I didn't feel any discomfort or the sign of it either.

I thought about not blogging about my miraculous run and how in love I am with my sneakers (Go Brooks!) for fear of jinxing myself, but then I thought "f it" I've already been through the ringer with trying to get these stupid shin splints under control. The fact that I had a great run this morning with no pain is amazing and makes me want to tell anyone who will listen. So that was a great start to my Saturday.

I've had to take it a little easier than I wanted to with workouts this week. On Tuesday my friend Molly and I went for a walk which included two sets of the Santa Monica stairs. See:

There are 154 steps from the floor of the Santa Monica canyon to the top of Adelaide- one of my favorite streets in all of Los Angeles. I only did two sets, but it took me longer than normal to recover. The stairs are such a crazy workout. It's about 3/4 of a mile to get to the stairs and then it's every man for himself. It's rare for there to be fewer than 10 people working out there. You've got all kinds of people there. Once I saw Scott Foley (you know, Noel Crane from Felicity) doing the stairs. That was great. It's typically very busy and it's just so f'n hard. The more I've ever done is four sets. But there are people who go up and down, up and down 10-15 times. Anyway, these lovely stairs ruined my quads this week and made it nearly impossible to move for the rest of the week. I'm still feeling the effects from them, but I secretly love it.

Regardless, it didn't stop me from getting out for a run this morning. I'm so happy that it went well, and I'm really hoping that these shows are it for me!

Anyway, there's my good news for the day.


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