Sunday, June 10, 2007

First Run in Two Weeks

Well I did it. I waited, patiently and sometimes lazily, for two weeks to pass before I ran again. During these two weeks I didn't work out as much as I could have and should have, but I did ice, rest, get new sneakers and mentally ward off lots of negative thoughts about my inability to run and move towards this goal of running a marathon.

Today I woke up, resolved to run. I put on my clothes, got a new play list set up on my shuffle and walked out the door without giving a glance back to Clancy, whimpering for me to take him with me. After all, as I've explained to him every time I walk out the door for a run without him, running is me time.

I walked for the first 10 minutes and then did my first one minute of running and really took the time to pay attention to my body. I felt great! My breathing wasn't shallowed or labored at all. My body didn't feel heavy or tired. And most importantly, my shins weren't screaming from pain. Throughout the next 20 minutes I kept stock of how I was feeling and what my body was telling me. My sneakers still need to be broken in. They were bothering me for most of the run and I'm having a hard time distinguishing if it's because they need to be broken in or because they are the wrong sneaker for me. I'll give it more time and go from there. After all, it's only my second run in these new kicks.

I'm encouraged that the time off served me well. I'm encouraged that the running that I did complete didn't make me feel totally out of shape. And I'm excited for the next workout.



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