Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Tom & Bob Marathon

I finally caught up with HG, who I'm going to run the marathon with in Dublin, and he told me how he's really aiming to make the Dublin marathon one of his best. He plans on training hard and running it hard. He also said that he was calling it "The Tom & Bob Marathon." To which I replied, "Who?" H's reply, "Um my dad and your dad?"

Oh riiiight.

Here's the story of how this whole I'm running the Dublin Marathon when I turn 30 idea really happened. Last October H was supposed to go and run it. Unfortunately, his father who had been battling cancer for a while, took a turn for the worse, and H couldn't end up going afterall. One night in NYC after entirely too much drinking, I told him that I was going to Ireland anyway for our 30th and that he should come and run the marathon and that I'd do it with him.

HG got me into running. He introduced me to it, encouraged me to do it, often times trained me through it (even though I was on a team and had a coach), and has always been a big supporter of me and running. So it seems fitting that we'd do this together.

When I talked with H about it on Friday pm, I told him that I really wanted to do the marathon and was planning for it. That I was tired of being overweight and I wanted to concentrate on this new goal to make it happen.

And I know I'll be thinking of our fathers too as I prepare and train for and complete this marathon.

Today I did my second training run. It was warmer out and I ran an extra minute. I felt like I could go longer, but I'm actively working on not pushing myself more than I should so I can avoid injury. So far so good!

I've been taking good care of myself the past few days. Spending more time outdoors, more time with myself, more time eating meals at home, and it all feels really good.

My natural tendency is to go all out and then once one little thing doesn't go my way, I start not showing up and cutting corners, until I just drop everything all together. I know it's only been a few days since I've set my eyes on this new goal...but it feels good and I'm going with it.


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