Sunday, August 12, 2018

This is 39- Goals Update

I needed to wrap my head around where I'm at with each goal and so I broke them down into four categories:

Goals that aren't going to happen
Goal that will mostly/partially happen
Goals that I've already accomplished
Goals that will be completed by the time This is 39 is over

It was great to see everything laid out so I have a better handle on what I need to focus on. I'm so proud of all the things I've done and know I will do. And also very happy that my All or Nothing personality type hasn't taken over to fully abandon this effort knowing that I will likely not score a perfect 100% on this massive project. This has been such a good exercise in reminding me that it's not about perfection, but about progress.

Here are the goals I don't think are going to happen at all:

  1. Camp at or near the beach
  2. Denver trip with my twin to see the twins
  3. Sisters-only trip 
  4. Ski in California with Katie
Here are the goals that I think I'll mostly/partially accomplish:
  1. Buy and use really good eye cream every day (I think I will have missed just a few days)
  2. Create a solid emergency savings fund (this one could go either way- I don't think I'll be as far along as I had hoped, but...hopefully by the time I'm done with my year of This is 39, I'll have at least some emergency savings accumulated)
  3. Date night with Steve at least one night a week (when I'm not traveling)
  4. Resistance training 3x/week (When my long runs really increased in distance, I made the decision to stop doing leg workouts. So I won't hit this goal, mostly because I changed it partway through)
  5. Track each day's food in the Weight Watchers App (I abandoned this one pretty early on and I'm okay with it because I'm sticking to healthy food habits and consistently losing weight)
  6. Journal at least 4x/week (I may not have hit this goal each week, but I think by the end of the year I'll have come really really really close to journaling 208 times)
Here are the goals that I've already accomplished:
  1. Try Ethiopian food
  2. Eliminate credit card debt
  3. Exceed last year's Cycle for Survival fundraising ($18,746)
  4. Finish the remaining stair walks from the Secret Stairs of Los Angeles book
  5. Get 4 facials and 4 massages
  6. Go on a solo road trip that includes at least two nights away
  7. Learn how to properly apply eye liner (have to keep at this one)
  8. Read 20 books
  9. Stay on top of BRCA2 gene appointments
  10. Travel some place new
  11. Try meditating for 21 days in a row
Here are the goals that I know I'll accomplish by the time my year of This is 39 is up:
  1. Attend a yoga class at least 1x/month (I think I'll still do this 12 times over the course of the year, but I did miss the month I was in Ireland)
  2. Blog at least 2x/month about my goals and progress
  3. Be mindful of communication: try not to say anything about someone I wouldn't want them overhearing 
  4. Call my grandparents 1x/week 
  5. Do a Segway tour (this may need to happen in Lisbon)
  6. Get my photography hanging up somewhere in public
  7. Go to Weight Watchers meetings every week (I'm in the country)
  8. Hike 1x/month
  9. Milk a cow (in Ireland)
  10. No McDonald's for a year
  11. Nurture my marriage (although some days I'm better about it than others)
  12. Organize and back-up my photos (I've done a very, very good job so far. But this is taking a long time and seems like a never-ending project)
  13. Plan a kick ass 40th birthday trip (to Ireland & Lisbon) (already in progress!)
  14. Run a Half Marathon
  15. Try surfing with Steve
  16. Use my real camera 1x/month
  17. Volunteer 1x/month (must include something to help flip the House)
  18. Write an article/short story about Clancy and try to get it published (need to get this one started)
I have just about 2 1/2 months left to go. I know it's going to be a challenge to find the time in my busy, travel-filled schedule to get things completed...but I also know that I'll absolutely work my hardest to try in the time I have left. And who knows, maybe some of the items from the goals I don't think will happen, will somehow get done. Either way, the process of trying is nearly just as rewarding as completing a goal. (And that's one of the best takeaways I've learned so far!)


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