Monday, April 23, 2018

This is 39 (Month 6, Check-In 2)

Holy. Shit.

So this happened a few hours ago:

One of the biggest goals I set for myself this year was to run a Half Marathon. And one of the biggest goals I'm afraid I won't accomplish is to run a Half Marathon. So this past month I've done two things to make this goal a reality:

  1. I purchased an Apple Watch in hopes that it will help me stick to my running schedule. My friend Patrick, who has inspired me with his own path to fitness, sung the praises of the Nike+ Run Club app and how it made him an "accidental runner". 
  2. I actually researched Half Marathons in the area and as you can see from the photo above, I actually registered! My schedule becomes crazy once we hit June and pretty much stays that way until just before Thanksgiving. Weekends are limited, but by some amazing scheduling miracle, the Long Beach Marathon (with a half marathon option) takes place after the last weekend I'm home before the big 4-0 Birthday Bash (and a family wedding I'm attending). 
Using the Nike+ Run Club app, I entered a bunch of details, including the race date, the distance, how much I can run now (not much) and it auto-magically spit out a 24-week training plan that will take me from this week through the Half Marathon. Which is great. Because I don't have to think and just have to do what someone else has figured out works best for me to do to be able to run a Half Marathon without dying.

Woah. I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm kinda everything in between those two emotions. But more than anything, I know I can do this. If I follow the plan (which I WILL) and if I set the time aside (which I WILL) and if I take care of my body (which I WILL) and if I respect this process (which I WILL), then I've got this, right?

For my 30th birthday, I had every intention of losing weight and running the Dublin Marathon. And then I didn't. I didn't lose the weight. I didn't run the marathon. Photos of myself back then really bummed me out. I was disappointed that I didn't accomplish that goal. 

I still hope to run that marathon one day. But for my This is 39 goal list, I decided to be smarter about accomplishing a running goal. The Half Marathon seems doable. I'm carrying less weight around, for starters. I also feel more mentally ready to tackle this. And I'm giving myself plenty of time to properly train.

Guys. I'm doing this! 


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