Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Story of Someone- 6/7

I'm currently binge-watching The Mindy Project (sooooo good) and had to force myself off the couch this morning so that I could get in a run. As predicted, I'm so glad I got outside. It was a beautiful day for a run through Santa Monica. I finished it off with a stroll in the park and took a bunch of photos of people enjoying their lazy Sunday. There were a lot of people sitting by the rose garden. Some people reading. Some people talking. Some people just being present and taking advantage of the beautiful day.

When I walked by this older couple looking out onto the horizon with their hands clasped together, a huge smile took over my face. I love the sweetness of this moment and wondered what they were talking about. But mostly, I was moved by their obvious love I witnessed just from the simplicity of the moment.

Check out Cyrena and Sarah's (coming soon) photos below:


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