Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Story of Someone 1/25

It was another gorgeous day here in Santa Monica with a nice warm breeze making it a perfect afternoon to sit out and enjoy my proximity to Palisades Park. Although I had intended to use the time to read, I was too distracted by all the people walking by. I took a handful of photos of a bunch of different people, but it wasn't until I was walking back home that I looked up and saw this man and snapped the photo.

I love the way older people dress in that "I don't have to impress anyone" way. Oftentimes choose function over fashion. If I had to pick one thing that sold me on choosing him as my Story of Someone, it's his clip-on shades!

This was a closer runner-up because it reminded me of how I was spending my day: reading and relaxing under the comfort of the trees in Palisades Park.

Check out Cyrena's photo and Sarah's below:


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