Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Story of Someone 1/11

Venice Beach never disappoints and today was no exception.

I went for a late morning walk with my friend Katie, visiting from Chicago, but forgot my camera. And since it was a cool, rainy day, I knew it'd be okay to go back later in the day and easily get a parking spot. So this time, with my camera in tow, and another Katie (twin) by my side, I found plenty of opportunities to take this Sunday's photo. But when I was rewarded by this sight you're about to see, I just knew I had to capture this exact one for today's moment.

I mean...honestly. This man, and his friend, were in the middle of a bodybuilder photo shoot and I could not have been happier to stumble upon it. Thank you to Katie for leading me down to the water and for holding off on posting this photo on all social media outlets until I get this posted!

A close runner-up was this delightful man who was truly reading a book ignoring the hotbed of activity right in front of him. I found myself being fascinated at his ability to enjoy a book with the spectacular show only 10 feet away.

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