Sunday, December 9, 2012

48 Hours in Chicago with Meghan & Quinn

Looks like this:

We had a blast and accomplished so much including:

  • Walking all over Chicago in search of cupcakes
  • Sat on a swing (that didn't really move too much) while ordering said cupcakes
  • Went to the zoo!
  • Saw a lion, a tiger, some monkeys and lots of other animals
  • Quinn met her new friend Norie
  • Meghan met her new friend Ali
  • Rolled big red ornaments down the hallway like bowling balls
  • Someone met Santa for the first time and charmed him like nobody's business
  • And charmed every co-worker of mine who met her- Quinn, not Meghan ;)
  • We ordered room service
  • Said hi to Therese, her parents and saw Grace & Katherine for two hot minutes
  • We saw the Holiday Train/Santa Express
  • Took the bus and the train 
  • Went to Navy Pier
  • Had a fake snowball fight
  • Went "fishing" at the children's museum
  • Drove a fire truck
  • Slept sideways on the bed
  • Ate some popcorn
  • Rode on a ferris wheel
  • Rode the carousel at the zoo
  • Walked along Michigan Ave
  • Napped along Michigan Ave
  • Wore fake mustaches 
And that's not even everything!

Although I've been down and out with a stomach virus all day, it was a perfect 48 hours with Meghan & Quinn! 

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