Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ireland- Day 6

Katie arrived today! After a long day of travel, she took the bus from Dublin airport and was dropped off right in Galway. As soon as she walked off the bus, Robin and I walked into the bus station. It was perfect timing. We weren't sure what to expect from Katie once she got to town, but she was a real trooper and wanted to try and stay up as long as possible.

We headed straight to Kai Cafe & Restaurant for brunch. Robin's boyfriend works there and it was written up recently in the New York Times as a must do if you have 36 Hours in Galway. (I hope this link works for you- if not, do a google search if you're that curious).

There's a lot of hype about this place and with very good reason. Brunch did not disappoint and we loved everything we got and the atmosphere. Even if Robin's boyfriend hadn't been the waiter, I know we would have enjoyed it just as much. We got there just as they started serving brunch, and I'm glad for it because there was  line out the door with many people waiting inside and outside to grab a table. I'd definitely go back and highly recommend it if you're in Galway.

During our morning walk to and from the bus station, to Kai, around Galway and back to Robin's, I was able to take some great photos and see the city through a different lens. Instagram has done that to me. It makes me look at things I'd never normally look at and pay more attention to what's happening around me. And I'm loving it!

After brunch, with Katie's suitcase still in tow, we went back to Robin's. We thought Katie would crash again, but that wasn't the case. She wanted to keep going. So before she got too comfortable at Robin's, we hopped in the car to check out the Prom at Salthill, Silverstrand Beach and Barna Woods. Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great and was raining on and off (and mostly on) while we were exploring outside. We managed to have a really fun time anyway and took a bunch of photos of our exploration.

Back at Robin's, I got a haircut (for real!) and then we went back out to enjoy a few pints and dinner at a restaurant/pub that Robin's friend works at.

It was, in comparison to some of my other days, a relatively low-key day and we were all grateful for that. The next few days will be filled with lots of time in the car, so it was a good offset.

Here are a few snapshots of the day:


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