Friday, March 23, 2012

Turns out I'm 1 in 100,000

So after my chest x-ray, I found out that it was inconclusive so I needed to go for an f'n CT scan.

Bright and early Thursday morning, I ventured out to UCLA to get my CT Scan. The technician, a perfectly lovely man named Joel, looked down at my name and said, "Oh. We better this over fast."

When I hear shit like that, I feel so grateful I married into this name. At a time when that name is considered cool. As opposed to growing up with people mocking me and making ridiculous jokes about my newish last name.

"Let's. That's the only way I roll" I lamely replied.

Similar to the chest x-ray, the CT scan was relatively quick, easy and painless. I had to change into a gown and could, like the MRI, keep my own clothing on from the waist down. And then I was basically put into a similar position as the one below:

Unlike the MRI, however, the test itself lasted less than five minutes and I didn't have to contend with any of the horrible noises as I did through the lengthy MRI. I had to take a deep breath, hold it, let it out and repeat that a few times. And then I was outta there.

On Friday it was confirmed that I do have a pericardial cyst. But my doctor has assured me that it's absolutely nothing to worry about it. There's not that much information about it online, but the bottom line is that I've always had it. It's a benign cyst. There's really nothing to do about it. Most people who do have it, 1 in 100,000 people have a pericardial cyst, never even know they have it. They can go their whole lives without even knowing of its existence. And most other people only find out about it incidentally through other testing, like me.

I was with my mom and Katie when I found out. And I was and am initially annoyed and frustrated.

I get that it's "nothing to worry about."

But it can feel overwhelming to have one other thing that I ultimately have to keep an eye on. Or some other genetic nonsense going on in my body.

I just need a few days to be annoyed by it and then I know I'll be able to poke fun at my cyst and be back to normal.


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