Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crayola Photo Challenge- Spring Green

Today I introduced Steve-o to Wurstkuche- an exotic sausage grill in Venice. I've only been one other time, but they recently opened up a location in Venice, and I knew Steve would love it.

While walking into the restaurant, we passed a wall with this ivy growing on it. And with the sun hitting down the way it was, I thought it'd be a good fit for spring green.

Pictures like this remind me why I love taking photos. It's something I would normally walk right by. But with the help of this challenge and Instagram, I've been so much better about really looking all around me. And I get very curious of what something will look like through the lens of my iPhone or "real" camera.

This picture made me stop and get out two cameras and take some pictures. And I can appreciate the way the sun was hitting down on the wall to help with the spring green effect!

Taken on December 4th, 2011 in Venice, CA.

Spring green.


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