Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crayola Photo Challenge- Sea Green

When I took this photo (in Ireland), I didn't have my color swatches with me. But I was hoping against hope that this would qualify for sea green. It captures all the fun and adventure that my friend Robin encompasses. Sadly, when I threw the photo up to the color swatch, I realized that it wasn't quite a perfect match.

Sorry Robin!

But the photo below, I love for all different reasons. I love just how many greens are in this photo. I love that I drove by this and whipped my car around and came back around to take pictures of it. I love that it was abandoned yet so beautiful. And I love this you can see things like this all over the place if only you're looking for beauty in unusual places.

Taken on my drive from Carrick-on-Shannon to Dublin on Thursday, November 3rd in Ireland.


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