Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weight Watchers- 28 Week Update

For the past couple of weeks I've been traveling for work and a little bit for play. Before heading into this block of travel, I needed to think about what my goals were as far as Weight Watchers went. And a super helpful meeting topic coincided with all my impending travel. My really really great leader, Amy, talked about how important it is to set out your intention before going away and thinking about your ultimate goal. Do you want to lose weight, stay the same or gain weight on your trip/vacation? She urged us to not think of vacations as "taking a vacation from yourself" and to not go crazy. I liked having the tools to think about making the decision of what I wanted to do and planning and acting accordingly.

Before I left, I loaded up my iPhone with two yoga workouts, including Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy DVD. I also researched places where I could take a spin class while staying in Alexandria. Old Molly never ever would have done these things. Actually that's not true. Should would have done exactly that, but then would never have done any of the exercising.

New Molly not only added the workouts to her phone and researched the spinning class, but she actually did yoga four times and took a spin class. And, to top that off, she ate really really well- it certainly helped to be staying with me mum who made really yummy, really healthy, mostly vegetable based dinners for three nights.

During my two weeks away, I lost 4.4lbs! Oh yeah, I also still went to Weight Watchers and weighed in each Saturday morning while I was away. Losing that much weight while I was gone, was definitely more than I anticipated but was such a welcome and lovely surprise for all my hard work. It also means that while I was away, I hit 40lbs lost since January 22nd. All told, I'm 42.8lbs lighter- which is so so so great.

I feel so much better! And while I have a looong way to go still, the confidence that I've already gained from all the weight that I've lost has been such a welcome change for me. The heat in Boston and DC were disgusting and super challenging. But because I'm 40lbs lighter, it made it easier to move around and also to wear lighter clothing- tank tops and sleeveless shirts is not something that I've worn outside of my house for years and years. Not to mention I actually wore a bathing suit in front of my family and felt mostly fine about it. Oh- and I went in the ocean! One of my most favorite parts of my trip was going swimming with my niece Julia. Old Molly would have been back at my grandparent's house sitting inside the air conditioning, hiding.

Now that I'm back home, I'm already continuing my healthy streak here. I'm really anxious to hit 50lbs lost and know that I can get there with even more consistent and hard work.


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