Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crayola Colors- Gray

Today the twin and I headed to the Santa Monica Pier with our friend Corrie to take pictures and use a Groupon for unlimited rides. The rides were okay, but it was a gorgeous day. One of those picture perfect days that remind you why you live on the opposite side of the country from all of your family.

We talked about how it was the perfect weather- the sun was out, the breeze was light, the clouds were nowhere to be found and the temperature was just right! Katie joked at one point that she was concerned I was going to burst into flames like Bill Compton from True Blood. Luckily that didn't happen, although it was a concern I shared. The sun just wasn't strong enough. It felt wonderful to be outside, getting some Vitamin D and playing tourist in our own gorgeous city.

I snapped a bunch of pictures (check 'em out here) while at the pier (nearly 400 to be exact), and tried to get gray, but in the end, it was the last shot of gray I took that I ended up going with.

From Crayola Photo Challenge- Gray

Taken inside the Carousel Building at the Santa Monica Pier.

It's a slightly creepy picture. But throughout my photo excursion today, I discovered that most carousel horses are a little creepy. I guess it's part of their charm?

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I love your eye! It's really fun seeing what pictures you take.

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