Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today I joined Weight Watchers. I hit up the farmer's market and went to the grocery store. Tonight I'm reading up on the program as it's been years and years since I was last involved (and they just retooled the entire program in the past month). I want to be prepared and able to hit the ground running with this.

I also took a photography class. I broke down and bought my first digital SLR and got myself to a beginner's class to learn how to use it. I'm excited to learn something new. As I was sitting in class, I had pangs of sadness thinking about my father (who was an amazing photographer); he would have loved to teach me all about photography. And when the instructor was talking about simple things (like how to properly hold your camera), it made me sad to think I never paid attention to my father's photographer stance and, of course, that I wouldn't get to ask him.

Tomorrow I'm going on a late afternoon hike and bringing my camera with me to start putting some of my knowledge to the test.

It feels good to have a new hobby and is part of my year of more action!


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