Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Believe...

My dear friend Jess has a blog in which she goes on about life in Seattle and live on the road. It's been a fun and funny adventure learning about the shenanigans she faces while traveling. We can all relate and I found myself smirking through annoying travel mishaps knowing how much she'd appreciate them.

A few weeks ago, Jess introduced a new series on her blog called the I Believe list. She borrowed the idea from someone who knew someone and asked me, along with other people in her life, to create my own I Believe list. It took me a little time to come up with my list. I kept adding to it over the course of a week or two and knew I just had to wrap it up or I'd never complete it.

Today Jess posted it to her blog:

Molly's I Believe list

I have known Molly since 2004. She hired and managed me my first year working at event 360. The day she hired me we met at her then-favorite dive bar (Hernando's?), she ordered a pitcher of beer and told me that her father had been diagnosed with cancer. That evening cemented what I know will be a life-long friendship. The evening was also filled with my crazy and amazing future co-workers (and now friends). I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but I knew I liked my new boss. Six years later, Molly and I still work for the same project but in different departments. Beyond work in those six years, we have shared a multitude of silly, poignant, touching, and life-altering moments. I am so glad that she took the time to look at a resume from a girl from Michigan who was interested in taking an adventure! Thanks for continuing to share the laughs and tears, my friend.

I believe relationships are the most important things in my life and is where I place most of my time & energy (as opposed to things like politics and world news)

I believe what you learn outside the classroom is more important that what you learn inside

I believe in writing hand-written letters

I believe in talking to strangers and saying hello to everyone I pass on the street

I believe smiling your way through life only makes it better- for you and those around you

I believe in giving almost everyone the benefit of the doubt

I believe in making other people happy, helping them feel loved and making sure they never doubt their place in my life

I believe Ireland is the best place in the world and is where I'm happiest

I believe in visiting dive bars frequently

I believe my husband's laugh is one of the happiest sounds

I believe in doing the right thing, even if it's the hard thing

I believe it's not productive to be hard on yourself (and am still trying to practice this daily)

I believe my dad is still with me even though he's no longer here

I believe my mom is one of the most fun and strongest people I know

I believe my sisters are the funniest people and I can't imagine my world without them

I believe my nieces are destined for greatness and I feel so blessed to be their aunt

I believe my dog Clancy understands everything I say to him

I believe difficult days should be made easier by knowing that people you love are thinking about you

I believe, as difficult as confrontation can be, it's always better when things are out in the open

I believe in singing at the top of my lungs, but only if I'm by myself and if I have headphones on so I can pretend I'm not nearly tone deaf

I believe life can be really difficult. It can kick you in the ass and be unkind and make no sense. But out of those most difficult moments come opportunities to strengthen your character, to learn the most important life lessons and to realize how precious life is and the people you have in it

I believe losing my father was one of the most difficult experiences, but has taught me more than almost anything else in life

I believe St. Patrick's Day is the best holiday

I believe Jessica Schulte is one of my favorite people in my life and love how much she adds to the fun and funny in my life!

I believe white cars do the most bonehead things on the road

I believe in writing thank you notes

I believe talking about death & dying makes it easier to deal with when you're confronted with it, and that people don't do it nearly enough in our society

I believe in love- giving it freely and accepting it always

I believe if I don't stop now, I'll never submit this list!


Thanks for including me, Jess! And I hope you don't mind if I steal this idea from you.


Anonymous,  February 3, 2011 at 3:40 PM  

This is an awesome and inspiring "I believe list..." Thanks friend. And...Buddy understands everything I say to him as well.

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