Friday, November 5, 2010

Ireland Day 9

Here's what I did on my last day in Ireland:

Drove from Carrick-on-Shannon to Dublin. The drive was long and boring and I didn't enjoy it much.
Dropped the rental car off.
Went to the Dublin airport and waited for my flight to Budapest.
Flew from Dublin to Budapest.
Took a cab from the Budapest airport to Amy's apartment.
Arrived at Amy's apartment, showered, ate cereal and went to bed.

On Wednesday I had these absolutely insane ideas of getting up super early on Thursday and either driving into Dublin or dropping off the rental car, checking-in for my flight and then taking a bus into Dublin to do some exploring. I thought since it was going to be an "early" night at The Thatch, that I could cram in one last bit of excitement and hit up the Jameson Distillery or House Number 29- Dublin's Georgian House Museum.

But, since my internal clock has been all sorts of f'd up, and I drank way more than I should have (including Irish coffee which is so super delicious), I barely got any sleep before I needed to scoot off to Dublin. Plus I woke up thinking "What the hell was I thinking?" And bagged going into Dublin. Which was a very smart decision to arrive at!

Anyway, I'm here in Budapest and very happy to be at Amy's amazing apartment and with her to make some more fun memories. I went exploring all over the place today, but...I'll have to leave that until tomorrow!


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