Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ireland- Day 5- Galway

Amy left this morning. I walked her to the bus station and then slowly made my way back to Robin's. On the way to the bus station, two lads hanging out their windows were cat calling to me and Amy asking us if we were doing the walk of shame. When I responded that my husband was in California, it seemed to shut them up as we didn't see them hanging out their window anymore.

I spotted this had to back track a little to get a perfect shot. A bright pink pump perfectly placed outside a pub.

Turns out Sunday morning is a great time to walk around Quay Street. No one is up early around here! Especially after a few days of celebrating Halloween.

Because it was Robin's day off, we were both more than happy to just chill out. And the crazy thing is, it's not like I've been doing all that much since getting here. Certainly a huge departure from how my trips normally go here. But the idea of going to The Townhouse and writing out postcards, reading or writing in my journal was great. So that's what we did.

I also go to meet some of Robin's friends who met up with us throughout the afternoon. And I got to go to some of Robin's favorite places in Galway. It was a wonderful way to spend a lazy Sunday.

Back home I don't do the going to bars and meeting up with friends casually thing. It's always something that needs to be planned. But here in Ireland it really is a central meeting place. And what's rad is you don't have to be drinking alcohol. I can't tell you how often I hear people ordering lattes or tea or coffee at pubs here. It's the idea of being out and about and social and meeting up with people to talk and connect. I wish it was easier and more common place in LA. Obviously having to get in the car to drive everywhere is a huge deterrent. But in my circle, going out to a bar needs to be planned and almost always there needs to be a reason, a celebration if you will, to push you out the door. It's one of many things I like about Ireland.

I really like this staying in one place thing. We did it during last year's trip, when we were in Baltimore for three nights, but what a huge difference it makes to be in a place where there's year round activity and people and things going on. And not to mention choices in terms of where to drink and eat. It's been great to be here in Galway and to spend this time with Robin.


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