Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yes I'm Here

I lost six points today. The first six points I've lost in the nearly two weeks since we've been playing this round of the game. A burger and hot dog at a work BBQ were calling my name. I couldn't turn away. Or rather, I didn't want to turn away.

I've been struggling a bit with the game lately. Not in any monumental way. I'm still holding steady at around 40lbs lost. Which is great. But I want to keep moving the number down. Since I've been playing for nearly a year, I'm feeling an urge to switch things up a bit. And I think I'm going to do just that after this round ends.

After playing for so long, and realizing that this just needs to be incorporated into my life, I want to entertain changes to make this more manageable for the longer haul I need to be focused on:

1. Take more time off between rounds. When we only have a few days or a week off in between rounds, I find myself going to town trying to cram in all the foods I can't eat on a regular basis while on program. With more time before starting the next round, I'm hopeful that I won't feel the need to do as much damage as I can in a short period of time.
2. Instead of taking a day off, when I play the next round, I'd like to play around with having the option to instead take multiple meals off throughout the week. I think this'll allow for more flexibility and eliminate the day off mentality of fit it all into one day to satisfy all your cravings.

I've gone back to working out with Britt two times a week. And it's been amazing. One of the hardest exercises she had me do was a plank with a dumbbell row. You can watch a super quick video of it here so I can illustrate my point. By the way, I was doing that with 17 1/2 lb weights. Yowzers.

My good habit this round has been to write at least once a day. I can do that either online (which I've clearly not been doing much of lately), in my journal or through writing a letter. I like to write and find that it clears my head, but lately I've been doing it through real letter writing (who doesn't like to get a real letter in the mail?) or in my journal. I will try and be better about updating on here.

I have an 8am training sesh, so I must sign off!


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