Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Santa Monica Pretty House- 9

With me mum in town visiting, I wanted to take her to the gym so she could get a shot at seeing some of the famous people Katie and I keep running into. So instead of a morning stroll around Santa Monica, we went to the gym before dinner. I got in a 3-mile run, but made sure to take a short walk to drop the rent off.

Steve and I walked a few blocks out of our way to get tonight's picture. Some complained more than others, "You said we were only going to drop off the rent. I just want you to acknowledge that I've been on my feet all day!" I continued blissfully unaware that I was inconveniencing anyone and happy to continue exploring. For as short of a walk as we went on, I was happy with the options.

The house I chose reminds me of Pretty House #2 in style. While not entirely similar, it resembles the house slightly. Take a look:

9th Street
Favorite Part: The turret is what captured my eye and then the green trim and tile sealed the deal!


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