Saturday, June 26, 2010

One of the hardest things for me to do (even still) is to spend time on my own and do nothing. Nothing to me means not cleaning or running around like a crazy person and certainly not working. And with Steve heading out to the Dodgers game with his dad, I knew tonight was the night to do nothing.

I resisted making plans with friends- which was really difficult for me- and managed to stay in for most of the day and caught up on TV, ate dinner by myself and got in bed before 9pm. A few times I was tempted to make plans, but I'm happy to say, I managed to spend a night by myself and everything went just fine thank you very much!

I've come a very long way from always having to have every second planned and scheduled, and needing to be surrounded by people all the time, but I still feel like it's something I have to work on. In fact, for the next round of the game, I may make my habit having to spend 30 minutes on the couch watching TV, reading a book/magazine or writing. No technology invited! I think I can really benefit from chilling the f out.

It's nice though, to have that alone time to do whatever I want (I chose to get caught up on the rest of Friday Night Lights- that show is really really good!). I feel really rested and am very happy I still have one more day of this weekend to enjoy!

Night night!


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