Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Santa Monica Pretty House- 3

After a nearly vomit inducing workout at the gym this morning (for reals), I was looking forward to a walk this evening with my friend Carrie, and Clancy, of course, to help wind down the work day.

Our walk took us along Adelaide, one of the prettiest streets in Santa Monica if you ask me. There's a gorgeous view of the ocean and the Santa Monica canyon and there are two sets of absolutely insane stairs that provide an intense workout for those who dare (that would be me). On top of that, each house seems to be more gorgeous than the other and the flowers and different types of plants that line the street and lawns are so visually appealing. The bougenvilla alone is unbelievable once it starts blooming.

Finding just one house along this street was a challenge. So I am certain I'll be featuring another house before this assignment is up. But the house I chose sits in between the concrete and wooden sets. And although it's not totally my style, it is a very cool looking house. Check it out for yourself:

Favorite Part: It looks like a castle!


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