Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Week 4 Results- Game 9

I know, sorry sorry! I meant to blog much sooner than nearly a week after the last game's final weigh-in and it just didn't happen.

Good news- I made the weight goal last week. Burning 1400 calories in just one day really helped get me there, for sure! But so did all the hard work I put into the game leading up to the final weigh-in.

But here's the thing...truth time. Because I've been doing such a terrible job of maintaining what I've learned during the game during the time in between games, I have been essentially gaining and losing the same 8-12 lbs since the end of last year. And that's not where I want to be. Unfortunately, I'm still not at the lowest weight I've been since playing the game.

The good thing is, I have successfully lost just about 35lbs. Which is awesome. And I'm very very proud of that. But I need to break through this yo-yo'ing part of the game and continue on this weight loss path.

To do that, I actually started up yet another round of the game just three days after I finished the last one. I tried to be more accountable the time in between the last two games and that didn't work. So I knew the one thing that would get me in a better position would be to just give myself less time off between games.

We started last Saturday and this is the first time that I've started the game on any day of the week other than Wednesday. I am hoping this is the key to getting me past this same weight I've been gaining and losing for a few months now.


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