Sunday, April 4, 2010

Farmer's Market Finds- 4/4/2010

Steve and I went to the Farmer's Market after getting a slow start to our lazy Sunday morning. Since I leave on Thursday to go and meet Quinn and visit my family, I won't be going to the Farmer's Market this Wednesday. No need in getting things I'll maybe eat for a day. So I went today and stocked back up on strawberries and blueberries, pink ranunculus and lilac. In fact, I asked where the lilacs came from and was surprised to hear that they hail from the Camarillo Mountains. That's about an hour away from here and good co-worker and friend lives there so maybe I'll do some exploring and find these lilac trees!

I also picked up some lemons as I was inspired by Jamie Oliver using lemon zest in just about everything.

And then in my effort to try something new, I picked up a fruit I've never heard of before called a pumello. It's basically a Chinese grapefruit- apparently not as bitter. I'll be trying that tomorrow and will report back.

How delicious does all of that look?

In case you were wondering, I finally made the kale. I used this simple recipe which combines a lot of what a few of you suggested. I liked it and will definitely get it again, especially since I was told by a good friend that kale is like the superwoman of veggies! I was surprised and happy that it wasn't quite the same consistency of spinach (slimy and mushy), but rather has a little more structure and toughness to it. If that even makes sense.

We had a really really nice Easter dinner with friends tonight. I ate a little too much (meal off) and also took my exercise day off, but it was a wonderful night filled will really good food and really good friends and really good conversation. A great weekend and an easy start to a really fun week when I FINALLY get to meet Quinn!


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