Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round 7- Week 3 Weigh-in

I lost 2.4lbs last week to help me reach my weight goal

I still have perfect points for this game.

I'm determined to rock and roll during this last week of this round. I really would love to get to an even 40 lbs lost. Which would require me to lose 4lbs between now and next Wednesday.

Beyond that, I'm really focusing on preparing myself NOW for when this round ends so that I don't slip back into non-game habits and eat my way through the entire week off, only to have to spend two weeks getting myself back to where I was when the last game ended. I've been reading this book as part of my good habit for the game. And I've definitely struggled with a lot of the messages in the book.

My problem isn't when I'm on the game. When I'm on, oh man am I on. But just like that, when I'm off, oh man am I off. So the book is my precautionary measure to find new tools to keep me accountable during the time I'm not playing the game.

A few things I've learned from the book- some I'm already implementing and some I'll try after this round ends:
1. Write down the advantages to losing weight, carry them with me and read them at least twice a day. Refer to this list when I'm struggling.
2. Eat sitting down. I'm not much of a snacker, and again, being on the game really helps me keep this in check. But I do find myself every now and again standing while I eat my meals. The note I've placed on the fridge (STOP- if you're reading this while eating, go sit at the table). I laugh everytime I catch myself doing this.
3. Write down a food plan for the following day. For as long as I've been trying to lose weight, I've never actually done this. But I'm a planner. It's what I do for work. And I love to cross things off my to do list. This is one thing I've identified I'll do during the time I'm not playing the game so I can keep better track of my planned and unplanned food.
4. Stop fooling myself. Don't give myself permission to eat things for really lame reasons, especially nothing that starts with "It's okay to eat this because..." If I have to give myself a reason why it's okay to eat fill in the blank, I need to very seriously reconsider whether I should be putting it in my mouth in the first place.
5. Get back on my eating plan immediately after a slip-up. Ackowledge my slip-up, recommit myself to my food plan, draw a line, give myself credit for stopping, don't beat myself up, continue to eat normally and learn from my mistake.
5. Remember that the number on the scale is a guide to decide whether I should keep doing what I'm doing or make some changes.

For the most part, it's been helpful to get a different perspective and additional tools to help with what I'm doing with the Game. I think it can only help, even though a lot of what I've read in the book has made my eyes gloss over. I think if I can get one tiny nugget of information to walk away with, some new found knowledge, I'm better of for it.

Tomorrow I'll write a little more about how insanely the Game has taken off at my company.

PS- I can now do seven sets of the Santa Monica stairs. It feels amazing. I keep thinking, "I didn't know I was capable of ______." And seven f'n sets of those killer stairs was definitely on this list.


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