Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Chance Workouts

Yes, plural.

Like a mad woman (or ahole), I managed to get in three workouts today.

I started off the day with a spin class. The instructor, a substitute for the normal dood, teaches her class so that you are constantly on the brink of being "breathless." This means we spend a lot of time with the resistance cranked up high and doing seated and standing climbs. This also means that I constantly feel like I'm going to die. But, at the end, I've burned nearly 500 calories, crossed lots of mental barriers and feel stronger than the previous class. So it's not all that bad.

Plus, when Katie and I exited the spin room, we were greeted with Ty Pennington running on the treadmill- another dream come true for Katie. (On Oscar Sunday was Katie's first Ty sighting and I don't know if I've ever seen her happier. We also saw Hilary Swank. And I introduced myself to Bill Rancic and told him I'm loving his reality show with his wife Guiliana. Yes, I watch it and it IS great.)

After a handful of conference calls and a bunch of work, I took a late lunch and did the following weight training workout at the gym by myself:

4-way lunges (3x5)
front lunge-

back lunge-

lateral lunge-

cross over lunge- (i'm not very good at these)

split squat jump on box (3x30)- imagine this exercise, but doing it onto a workout box

open/close (2x30)- front raise, open to side and down, then reverse)

overhead dumbbell press (2x30)

lawnmower pulls (3x20)- a first for me

stability ball plank hold (3x30 seconds)- feet on ball

single leg straight leg reaches (3x10)

straight leg kickbacks (3x10)- minus the cable

cable cross- lo to hi (3x10)

cable cross- hi to lo (3x10)- imagine the exercise above just going in the opposite direction.

cable cross- lateral (3x10)- one of my favorite exercises!

mountain climbers on the bosu ball (3x30 seconds)

bosu crunch (3x20)

Now...as if that wasn't enough, I decided to go back one last time tonight to run a quick two miles on the treadmill and then go hang out in the steam room.

The scale hasn't been playing nice and I'm trying to do everything I can to make sure I make goal tomorrow for the final weigh-in of this round of the Game. Wish me luck!

One thing I know for sure- I better sleep like a log tonight!


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