Thursday, March 25, 2010

Family Workout

Because I've been limping through the week in an effort to get to the weekend to relax and rest off a cold I've been trying to shrug off like a bad joke, my workout was questionable today. And I hate the days when it's late and I don't have a workout complete.

I was definitely pushing it today, but decided that I did not want to have my exercise day off so early in the week. So tonight after dinner, I was able to talk Steve into going on a walk with me and Clancy. We did an easy 2 1/2 mile loop that involved one set of the stairs. Although just one set had me winded, I could easily remember the time only a few short weeks ago when I was up to seven (f'n) sets of the stairs. Sickness aside, I'm certain I could do seven sets again.

We stopped and looked at the ocean. And then we continued on our way and got a lot of entertainment out of Clancy's reaction to a remote control car doing wheelies all over the walking path along the park that overlooks the ocean. We stopped for a minute and the "driver" of the "car" "drove" the car in Clancy's direction and Clancy playfully pretended to get ready to pounce on the car. It was the highlight of the walk.

It was nice to get fresh air and to spend time with my boys.


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