Thursday, February 4, 2010

Workout 2/4/10

I got in another great workout at the gym today after having a day off from the game. Weigh-in has come and gone and I took the day yesterday to stray a bit. But this morning, I got right back into the gym for a great workout.

Here's what I did:

Walking lunges (3x20)

Squat jump (3x20)

Single arm cable overhead press (3x10- 20lbs)

Crunches (3x20)

Good mornings (3x10- 45lbs)* first time I've ever done this exercise and I quite enjoyed it!

Up overs (3x30)

Squat and row (3x10- not sure of the weight, used a funky machine and added a 25 lb. weight)

Tricep overhead push (3x10- 20lbs)

Russian twists (3x30 holding an 8-lb ball)

Stair sprints (I was supposed to do 3x60 seconds, but I decided to just do three minutes and get it over with- and I was doing this behind Bill Rancic while he ran on the treadmill)

Inverted rows (3x10)

Push-ups (3x10- I did these as an incline instead of on the ground- not quite ready for that just yet!)

Crunches (3x20)

I was feeling great about my workout until a trainer came up to me and said, "I was all impressed with your workout until I saw you doing crunches." I looked at her with pretty much no expression on my face because what I really wanted to tell her to f off and leave me alone. Then she continued by saying, "Crunches really aren't that good for your back. You need to be careful." She really was a total buzz kill and I plan on complaining to someone in charge at the gym. On one hand, I sort of appreciate that she said something to me (although she's the first person in my life to comment that crunches aren't good for a person), but I think there was about one million ways she could have said that a little better.

Anyway, the workout was great. I felt great and I burned over 500 calories doing it.

As promised, here's my food log for the day:
Breakfast- 1 balance bar.
Snack- 1 banana.
Lunch- Skirt steak, white rice, plantains from Bossa Nova- 1/2 serving. Put the rest aside for Steve-o. Dinner salad and 1 coxchina- which is basically a deep fried ball of chicken and cheese. Not that great for me, for sure. Diet pepsi.
Dinner- Indian food with Steve. Paneer Makhani- cubes of cheese in a creamy tomato sauce. Garlic naan. White rice. Diet coke.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the healthiest, I'd say this was a 6. Improvement necessary.


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