Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Too Tired to Come up with a Title

Tomorrow is the final weigh-in for this 5th round of the Game. I'm anxious and excited and very much looking forward to this round being over with...I'm certain I've said that at the end of each round so far. Just as happy as I am for one round to be ending, I'm equally or even happier for another round to being- for the record.

This morning I started my day at the gym. At 555am, the alarm went off, I slowly got out of bed, got dressed, picked up the twin and by 625am I was on a spin bike at the gym. Today's class, which still is maybe the 5th spin class I've taken in my entire life, went much better than last week's. I managed to do more climbing, my ass didn't hurt as badly and I felt stronger.

I made very cautious decisions all day- eliminating as much salt as humanly possible, not eating any cheese today at any meal and getting in my water early in the day.

Tonight, instead of just bumming around on the internet, I decided to go back to the gym and get in another workout. Surprising even myself, I ran another three miles. Although my body is definitely tired, it was nice to run. The first time I looked down at my distance, it was well over a mile. Another sign that I'm getting stronger. Helping matters was that I had an episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien (when he was in Finland for an entire episode) to watch. I'm sure I looked like a fool laughing away on my own. I don't care, whatever helps!

I ended the night with a visit to the steam room and a shower. And now, if I actually make it the 10 steps to my bed without passing out...well...it'll be a frickin' miracle!


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