Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Round 7- Week 2 Weigh-in

My very funny teammate for this round of the game wrote the following when she reported her pounds, points and percentage for the week, "Thank goodness I shaved my legs, exfoliated and blew my nose prior to the weigh in...I just made it."

I know what she means. Some times you weigh in and you easily make the 1% weight loss goal. Other times, the scale just isn't on your side. I juuuust made it weighing in at my goal weight for the week. Thank god I too shaved my legs, exfoliated and blew my nose prior to weigh in ;)

What was nice about this is that instead of spending Tuesday night getting in a last chance workout at the gym and sitting it out in the steam room, I was at dinner with friends eating salad and talking about how people organize their inbox (or don't in lots of cases, I've learned). It was nice to know that I could make weight without having to work out like a crazy mofo the night before.

But I think that also happened because I'm making smarter choices throughout the week. Especially trying to not be a total ahole during my meal and day off. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying my food during those times, but, it's a little more controlled and not so my ship is going down like. I've also worked on increasing my protein intake and reducing the fat (even though it IS good for me fat) and carbs/fruits. I've been trying to eat three "regular meals" and having a protein shake or protein bar as my other two meals. This has worked out well for both convenience and weight loss as well.

As I head into week three, I'm feeling pretty great! Still LOVE the Game as much today as when I first started which is FANtastic!


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