Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's Workout- Weights

It's been a few days since I last did a weight training workout. And despite the fact that it was, yet again, really f'n busy at the gym after work, it was great to get in this workout.

Here's what I did.

Straight leg deadlifts- 3x10 (with 50lbs)

Cable overhead push- 3x10 (17.5 lbs)

Lateral pulldown- 3x10 (60 lbs)

Lateral chop- 3x10 (17.5 lbs) One of my favorite exercises!

Elliptical sprint- 3x60 seconds

Lateral lunge- 3x10

Lateral shuffle

Wide grip row- 3x10 (50 lbs)

Cable chest press- 3x10 (40 lbs)

Double leg lower- 3x10

(I was holding on to a bar behind me)

Split squat jump- 3x20

(Jumped onto a box)

Diagonal squat lifts- 3x10 (8 lb ball)

Medicine ball squat- 3x10 (10 lb ball)

I toyed with the idea of running after my weight training, but opted against it. My body was overworked in the past few days. Between Sunday - Tuesday, I managed to get in three workouts. And I took yesterday as a day off from any type of activity. My body was happy for the break. So I decided to not overdo it today. Weight training was more than enough.

And tomorrow morning, I'll go back in for some cardio!


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