Monday, December 14, 2009

Week 2 Results- Game 3

Down another 3 lbs this past week. Which is a huge accomplishment in so many ways. I've been in Chicago for a week now attending back to back meetings- for my department and then for the entire company. And I'm on the cusp of starting new hire training until Wednesday.

It's been a long long stretch here in Chicago. I've been tempted more times than I can count with open bars, popcorn, bags of candy, morning breakfast buffets filled with amazing looking croissants, more open bars, more free food, more buffets...but I've resisted it all! And it's felt amazing to be able to do it. Even more amazing is that it really hasn't been that much effort.

I've managed to keep me eye towards my day and meal off. It's been so much easier to decline all this deliciousness knowing that I had something yummy to look forward to. And I didn't over indulge, which is something I'm trying to work on too- not eating everything in sight during this small amount of time where I don't have to play the game perfectly.

Anyway, so I'm very happy about this 3 lbs. I'm still not where I was when I ended the game, but I'm getting close and I'm really proud of myself to stick with it!


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