Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Raining in Baltimore...

I'm sitting in the lobby of our hotel. In the not so distant background I hear the locals screaming at the game. Grown men screaming like little boys at the soccer match- Ireland vs. France. I have no clue what just happened. Their screams were indistinguishable between happiness or disappointment. The whoops and cheers are so far from where my mind is at.

I feel totally relaxed and calm. Today has been one of the best days of the trip so far. Which is pretty interesting considering almost as soon as we pulled into Baltimore, I immediately felt that three nights was probably too long to be here. What made the day so great was that we didn't do anything! No exploring, no massive amounts of driving, just a lot of reading, and drinking sprawled all throughout the day. From about lunchtime (an early 130pm) until dinnertime, I was mainly in the bar reading a book and nursing three Murphy's. It was great.

The weather wasn't that nice today either. The locals keep talking about how the weather is "particularly bad for this time of year." We have to keep repeating that we're from Los Angeles and we really don't come to Ireland for the weather. We get strange looks from people, most likely wondering why the hell we're here in the middle of their dead season with not a whole lot going on. But we like it this way.

I'm in the middle of my third book on vacation and I'm about to go upstairs to read some more before bed. Tomorrow we're on the move to Cashel. I've been here on two previous visits and have always stayed at the Cashel Palace Hotel. We're hoping to leave early enough that we have plenty of time to walk around Cashel (which shouldn't take that long).

Tonight I feel a small pinch of my heart. It's Wednesday night, which means there's a music session happening at The Thatch. And as much as I've loved today, I love being at The Thatch more. Next time, I will make sure I make it to The Thatch for each Wednesday I'm in town. The only thing that makes me feel better about not being there is that Gene may end up meeting us in or around Dublin on Friday PM. I can't think of a better way to end our time in Ireland.

It's hard to believe we have just three nights left in Ireland.


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