Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Chance Workout!

As a birthday treat, Britt gifted me a training session which I cashed in tonight and dubbed my "Last Chance Workout." I just started watching The Biggest Loser this season, and know that the Last Chance Workout is a killer opportunity to burn a shitload of calories before the weigh-in.

Well, tomorrow is our final weigh-in for the second round of the Game On Diet. And I have some weight to lose. My body has not been cooperating as much as I'd like in the past three weeks. Three weeks ago I lost nothing. Which is sad. Last week I lost 3 lbs., which is awesome, but it was a pound shy of the goal. This means that this week I need to lose my 1% goal and the additional pound I didn't lose last week. The pressure is definitely on. And I've been strategic in my approach all week. Putting in double workouts. Eliminating salt from my diet. Only having two drinks at my birthday celebration. I even went in the freaking steam room tonight at the gym! There's no doubt that I'm going all out and trying as hard as I can.

So my workout with Britt today was a big part of that strategy as well. She knows that I'm playing the game and she also knows that tomorrow's the final weigh-in. As a result she kicked my ass. I mean, really kicked my ass, and it felt so great to be working out with her again. Man have I missed workouts with Britt. As great as it feels to be able to still push and motivate myself enough to get to the gym and do weight training all on my own, tonight's workout was a perfect reminder of just how intense and effective working out with Britt is.

Here's what she had me do:

Step-ups with 20 lbs IN EACH HAND

Chest flies (luckily I was not wearing the same outfit featured in the picture below)

Squats into an overhead press

Shoulder flies

Standing row squat

Lateral pull-down

Standing split lunge (my least favorite exercise)

Incline push-ups


Quick step-ups

By the time I was done, I was beeeeeat. But I felt so great. And oddly energized. It felt wonderful to be able to sustain a workout with Britt knowing that it had been well over a month (maybe even two months?) since my last workout with her. I know she worked me hard too. So it was great.

When I was done with the workout I went up to the locker room and ate my pre-packed last meal. 6 slices of roasted chicken breast, almonds and an apple. Then I went into the steam room. Thinking I need every advantage I could get, I stayed in there for maybe 10 minutes hoping it'll help the number on the scale tomorrow morning.

Here's the thing, $300 is on the line. And I would looooove to get that money in my hot little hands. I've got a trip to Ireland coming up and it would go a long way. But if the number on the scale doesn't cooperate (it doesn't necessarily help that it's that time of the month for me- finally), I really am okay with it. I'll be bummed, for sure, but it doesn't take away all the hard work I've done and the many, important changes I've made. At the same time, I think I am completely capable of pulling this off and certainly hope the number on the scale is in line with the goal for the week!

So tomorrow I'll report back on how Game 2 ended!

PS- Thank you Britt- you're the best!


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