Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I do not Print my own Money

I had to make a difficult decision two weeks ago when all my pre-paid sessions with Brittany were up. You may not know this about me, but I do not print my own money. And as much as I would love love love to keep working out with Britt, I just can't keep spending the money- despite how great of an investment it is.

The reality of the situation is, I'm so far along in my workout progress because of the time and financial investment I made in personal training. And I absolutely consider myself so lucky to have been paired up with someone as dedicated, excited, encouraging and motivating as Britt. But like a lot of things in life, this too had to come to an end. I'm not saying my relationship with Britt is coming to an end, because I'm not ready to let her go- ever. But, I think the days of me working out with her three times a week is.


In many ways I am stronger than I ever have been in my life. I have used and built up muscles I never knew I had before. I've worked my body in ways I didn't know was possible. And I've learned that I can push myself really really far. Working with Britt has been a tremendous gift and eye-opening experience as I realize just how strong I am. And I never would have realized that if we hadn't worked together.

It's because of all our hard work together that I have the strength (mentally and physically) to continue weight training without her. (Insert sadness here). Britt knows I love her, so I don't feel like this is any betrayal. And she also knows that I don't print my own money and that Equinox is f'n expensive- no hard feelings there. So when I finally went back to the gym and started weight training last Tuesday, it was only fitting that Britt was training someone else basically right next to where me and Katie decided to start lifting weights, so I could ease into being on my own.

Working out with a trainer, as difficult as it is, is easy in many ways. Well in one really big and important way actually. You don't have to do anything thinking or planning. You just show up and do what someone else has designed for you and tells you to do. And for a lot of reasons, that was really easy for me. Tell me what to do, and I'll do it. So I wasn't sure exactly how it would work when I had to do the designing of the workout plan all on my own. And on top of that, I had to motivate someone else and keep myself focused?

Well, I'm happy to say that I did it. In fact, I did it three times last week- with Katie. I designed a plan with the help of the Body for Life book/website Weight Training plan and then matched it up with a super rad application on the iPhone called iFitness. It was difficult to get back into the swing of things and I found myself incredibly sore for almost a full week, but I felt great- and strong.

It pushed me yet again and helped me see, even more, that I can do anything I put my mind to if I just focus. Being able to get myself to the gym when I have someone (Britt) waiting for me is one thing. But getting myself there to do weight training all on my own, well that feels good on an entirely different level.

It says a lot that it's not as hard to get to the gym and to workout anymore. It's just one way that I can measure my growth and commitment to living a healthy and happy life. And I'm all freaking for it.


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