Thursday, September 10, 2009

Game On Round 1- Final Results

Yesterday we had the final weigh-in for Round 1 of the Game on Diet.

I lost a total of 14.4 lbs- 3.4 lbs in my last week alone! I feel so much better already. I've made a ton of small changes and although we're taking a week off before we get started on Round 2, I'm excited and anxious to keep going. Both really good signs as all other previous weight loss attempts have most certainly NOT had the same effect!

Sadly, I didn't win the grand prize of $300. Because we changed the rules around a little bit, we crowned the winner based on who lost the most percentage of their original weight (as opposed to who earned the most points, which by the way, was me). I lost by .3%. Yes POINT 3. Waaa. But I really am okay with it because I gained so so much more!

We reconvene next Tuesday PM to set the parameters for the next game, which starts on Wednesday September 16th. I'm only one day off the game and I can see how much I need (and crave) the structure and discipline the game provides. For now, I'm allowing myself to stray a bit from the rigidity (that I need) of the program without going absolutely crazy. And then come next Wednesday, I will be back on board, planning, thinking, making conscious decisions about what I put in my mouth and how I treat my body.

For now, I'm going to enjoy the success that I've seen, down 14.4 lbs in 28 days, and all the positive changes I've made.

I highly recommend the game for anyone who has struggled to find a meaningful way to lose weight. I feel grateful that I found the game and three other people to play it with who were equally committed to playing all out. I was encouraged, supported and pushed and was equally supportive and encouraging to my teammates. A huge congratulations and thank you to my teammates- you are all amazing, wonderful women and I couldn't have done it without you. We've got a good thing going and I'm very interested and excited to see where this leads us.

Even though Round 1 is over, I feel like it's just the beginning of a lot of greatness in my life- fulfillment with my body, my weight and peace of mind with this struggle that I've hated carrying around for so long.

Stay tuned!


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