Friday, August 14, 2009

Mourning the loss of Condiments- Especially Ketchup

I'm nearing the end of day three of the Game On Diet and it continues to go well. I finally went grocery shopping, so I was able to expand my horizons a bit and add some variety to my meals. Which is going to be a huge help.

My dinner was really lame though. I had a chicken breast, roasted potatoes and what felt like an entire plate of artichoke hearts. It was pretty bland. I usually allow all of that food (except the hearts) to play with ketchup. I looove ketchup. I've had people point to the shirt that says "I put ketchup on my ketchup" and want to get it for me. I have politely declined as I don't need everyone in the world to know about my love for ketchup. But tonight, as I swallowed down my lonely roasted potatoes and really missed my ketchup.

In the grand scheme of things, I'm totally okay with it as I know I'm working on creating such healthy habits. And I know ketchup isn't really all that good for you. But still. I'm pouting over the loss of ketchup. And I probably will be for a little while.

I'm realizing more and more why doing the Game on Diet as a competition is one of the most important aspects to making this work and helping you stick with it. You may have a desire to stray, but you don't want to bring down the other people on your team and you don't want to give an advantage to the other team to win.

So far I'm doing great and it will continue that way, but it isn't totally easy at all.

I worked out with Britt today, and as always, she kicked my ass. Here's what we did together:

walking lunge - 3 sets of 30! My lunges are improving. I'm focusing on not leaning forward, not putting too much weight on my front foot and I actually felt better doing them. To reward me for that hard work, I almost did a walking lunge right into Chad Lowe! Katie ran into him (not like me, she basically got busted checking him out) and between the two of us, we need to work up the nerve to tell him he worked with our uncle and basically knows us.

Right after the lunges I had to do a wall squat with the exercise ball. And hold it for 45 SECONDS. My legs were en fuego.

shoulder flys on incline bench- 3 sets of 15, which led into 3 sets of 10 where instead of bringing the dumbells as pictured below, I had to raise them way up above my head. It hurt.

flat bench leg lifts- 3 sets of 15. The last two of each set ended up with me doing this scissor movement with my legs to get the lower ab area.

inverted row- 3 sets of 10. Which is really one of the hardest exercises I have to do. Because I'm pulling my own weight UP to the bar. Which is absolutely no fun at all.

back thingy- i'm not sure what the name of this exercise is (Britt if you're reading, will you comment and tell me please?) but you work your back. I did 3 sets of 15, which I was told would be easy, but it wasn't.

To make up for it being "easy" I did this gnarly exercise where I had to lay face down on a massage table that is used for stretching people out after the personal training sessions- but only the upper half of my body. I grab hold of the sides of the table and then have to lift my legs up BACKWARDS. Besides being insanely awkward, it was also very difficult to do. But I did 3 sets of 10. And since I have no clue what this exercise is called, I can't tell you or get a picture of it.

hamstring curl- 3 sets of 15

mountain runners- 3 sets for 30 seconds. I'm not a huge fan of this exercise.

bosu ball plank- hold for 45 seconds as my last exercise. Hard as hell but feels really good.

So that's my day. I'm beat. It's not even 9pm and I'm pretty sure I could fall asleep in a matter of minutes!


Brittany Ferguson August 31, 2009 at 2:49 PM  

I like to call them reverse single arm seatbelt pulls - but that seems to be way too long. I need your help coming up with clever yet understandable names for these exercises!!!

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